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East Polk Soil and Water

Conservation District

PO Box 57  240 Cleveland Ave SW

McIntosh, MN 56556

Phone 218-563-2777


Board of Supervisors

Kenneth Pederson - Vice Chairman 

District I: Garfield, Godfrey, Tilden, and Grove Park Townships.

Bruce Grundyson - Secretary

District II: Badger, Lessor, Hill River, and King Townships.

Lawrence Vettleson - Treasurer

District V: Johnson, Chester, Gully, Eden, and Queen Townships.

Scott Balstad - P R & I

District IV: Sletten, Rosebud, Columbia, and Brandsvold Townships.

Al Bauer - Chairman

District III: Woodside, Garden, Winger, and Knute Townships.

SWCD Staff

District Manager - Gary Lee -

District Technician/WCA Coordinator - Katie Engelmann -                                                        

Secretary - Ruth Mandt -

NRCS Staff

NRCS District Conservationist - Jenny Burrack -

Soil Conservation Technician - Luke Klawitter -   

 Board meeting is the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m.


 Mission Statement:

The purpose of the District is to assist landowners in applying proper practices for the conservation of soil erosion, land resource planning and development, reduction of siltation, and flood prevention. Also included is the conservation development, utilization and management of the waters of the state, preserving natural areas and the fish and wildlife which inhabit them. The Districts also have the authority to guide and assist in the wise use of public lands.